In sehodnyashnyy difficult day and will present its contemporary ofysы zhylыe home without air conditioning system. After all, Using the air conditioning – is not only more convenient, but a vыhodno. Эffektyvno air conditioner ohladyt of flight on a hot day, in the premises of obohrevaet mezhsezone, podderzhyvaet neobhodymыy Level humidity, air purity podderzhyvaet the premises.

Our company proposes to most equipment of famous and Good zarekomendovavshyh firms themselves klymatycheskoy-producer of technology. We are working individually with the client kazhdыm, staraemsya podobrat neobhodymoe equipment, fynansovыe Given the needs and Opportunity kazhdogo buyer.

We yavlyaemsya an official dealers of famous brands such klymatycheskoy technics As:

Air conditioners Daikin (Daykyn) not nuzhdayutsya presentation of a person. THEY honored ymeyut High ymydzh and rightly schytayutsya samыmy nadёzhnыmy rasprostranёnnыmy and air conditioning in the world.
“Yaponskaya corporation Daikin udelyaet postoyannoe Wikipedia Improvement svoyh air conditioners at this javljaetsja Priority Search novyh optymalnыh solutions, napravlennыh to Increase эkonomychnosty and ecological compatibility.” Select conditioner Daikin You can nashem in online store –


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Yaponskaya javljaetsja FROM LEADING One in the field of designing and production of air conditioning. Corporation produces air conditioners of household premises for, ofysov, factories, as well as for krupnыh of industrial facilities. Quality equipment Mitsubishi Electric always at HIGH level, and Testing Thanks to proverke, vыpuskaemoy kazhdogo of industrial production on stage. Select conditioner Mitsubishi Electric You can nashem in online store –


Made the konkurentnuyu out production corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd pozvoljajut moschneyshye proyzvodstvennыe and konstruktorskye power. Thanks to sozdannoy for Years of work in the market klymatycheskoy proizvodstvennoe technics and technological bazeilles company proposes to Very raznoobraznuyu out production kotoraja obespechyvaet Virtually the needs of any customer. Select conditioner Mitsubishi Electric You can nashem in online store –


Panasonic – this is a major IZ myrovыh Among Manufacturers of household brands, as well as of industrial air conditioners.
Air conditioners Panasonic sehodnyashnyy day at Big Quantity predstavlenы models from эkonom to эksklyuzyvnoho-class level.
Now company Panasonic – myrovoy brand in parts development and Introduction ynnovatsyonnыh, эnerhosberehayuschyh zaschyschayuschyh ecology and technology. Chief corporation slogan “Uluchshaya life, uluchshaem peace.” Select conditioner Panasonic You can nashem in online store –

To Avto Suggest a model air conditioners, will be most kotoryya approach to your tasks our specialist know neobhodimo parameters of the premises in Kotor scheduled installation of air conditioning. For Vasheho udobstva We sozdaly questionnaire, zapolnyv kotoryya Vы be provided to us for all the info neobhodymuyu podbora podhodyaschyh models of air conditioners.

Zapolnennыy by sending questionnaires to suite , Our Specialists in kratchayshye Term vыberut models of air conditioners, optimally podhodyaschye for Vasheho the premises.

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