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The charity project “Breathe. Live. Fight”

Our company “ComCom”, together with our partners «Montag-Servis», took part in the project “Care” charity fund..
“Breathe Project. Live. Fight “was timed to the charity concert” Classic Fairy. World music – for Children “, which took place December 27, 2014. Internationally known outstanding musicians from around the world come to Kharkiv to perform immortal classic works for children.
Part of the tickets went on sale as a charity – the proceeds of their money had been purchased 12 devices for air purification and disinfection “Aerolayf C-45M”, the total amount is 77 thousand hryvnia.
Instruments were set free employees “Installation Service” in the children’s department of Oncology №1 CSTO. Now, the risk of infectious disease for the young patients has decreased significantly.


This section is dedicated to the participation of our clients and employees in social projects of the city of Kharkiv and Ukraine. We periodically participate in projects organized by the charity foundation “Care”, which aims – the implementation of charitable and social programs for children and youth in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

BF “Care” on a regular basis helps children oncology department №1 CSTO and Hematology Unit HDB number 16. If you want to help these kids smile and dry tears at such a difficult road to recovery, but you can not come in person, please contact us. We will help you to take clothes, toys, food, you want them to convey. You can also transfer money directly to the charity foundation “Care”. Bank details can be found in the BF group page “Care” in social networks:


Our company became involved in new projects BF “Care” and invites everyone to take part in them. Read more about the projects:

1. “The classical extravaganza”:
A charity concert. 50% of the room – free of charge invited the children from boarding schools, as well as other poor children. Second 50% of the audience – sold tickets.

Sponsorship money and the money from the ticket sales will be used to purchase AIRLIFE (equipment for air disinfection in oncology wards).

We achieve three objectives:

1. we create positive.

2. we give the opportunity to listen to classical music, which is undoubtedly useful for children (played by international stars from the US, Germany).

3. helping children with cancer.

2. “Courage Box”:

– Courage Box you can put in your office. (Box for toys. Not for money.)

The bottom line: collect toys for children with cancer.

What they badly needed and why this title:

– when children make the painful injections, nurses after they give toys, thus encouraging them to be patient. Their reward for their courage.

3. “Take the forest for children, for the sake of children”

The bottom line: October 25, 2014, we remove the territory of the forest for the SEC “Caravan”, along the route. The total area of the harvested area – more than 5 hectares.

Come at 10-00 in the forest near the Caravan, find Flags « SOCIAL MOVEMENTS TOGETHER », take part in the clean-up. End cleaning 14-00.

In the process of cleaning will run tea / coffee + cookies.

At the assembly point will be collected donations. All funds will be used to purchase devices Aerolayf (

Link to the page BF “Care”:


We also offer help with our army. Our defenders are in dire need in the form of winter and ammunition, which is considerably more expensive than the summer version. Only by joint efforts we will be able to defend their country.

We offer an option for customers who choose to purchase climate Daikin technology, and want to help our soldiers. With each item purchased from the online store, 5%, we transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!